Love the Kids Foundation Story

In August 2015, A small team of young committed and young servant people created “Love the Kids Foundation (LKF)”. The idea of setting up LKF aimed at supporting less fortunate children to access quality education while growing up towards improved living conditions with access to all basic human needs. The foundation’s team members, some of whom experienced similar childhood hardships and experiences, wanted to contribute to the community's well-being by supporting children who can not dream to become important people of the Rwandan society because of different factors. Since then, and with that idea, the team started working to transform the lives of children in need at Kimisagara suburb of Nyarugenge District in the City of Kigali. In April 2016, thanks to the support of local authorities, Love the Kids Foundation was incorporated as a Non-Government Organization recognized under the authority and the law of the Rwandan government. It now works to provide care, education, medical and emotional support and other basic human needs to needy children to ensure a safe and healthy life.


Every child has a basic right to hygiene and comfort, including a safe clean home and nourishing meals. Our goal is to help take as many kids off the street as possible, thanks to our partners and private donors like you.

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Vulnerable children, especially street children and orphans require much attention and guidance in their social development. First and foremost, they need to feel secure and a sense of belonging, even loved and valued.

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Healthcare, including full medical, dental, and psychological exams, are necessary to help the kids we serve. In addition, we prepare and send our kids to school as well as provide athletic, social, cultural, and spiritual activities.

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