Love the Kids Foundation’s Leadership Team governs the work of the Foundation. It shapes the Love the Kids Foundation’s direction through its mission, vision and strategies. This leadership team meets formally four times each year, as well as between the regular meetings as needed to conduct the Foundation’s core programs.


Jean Claude Muhire, Love the Kids Foundation President & CEO

Jean Claude Muhire

Jean Claude Muhire works to drive the mission and works of Love the Kids Foundation. Prior to Love the Kids Foundation, He previously volunteered at the former Kimisagara Orphanage, a post-genocide rehabilitation center founded in 1997 and closed in 2014. His job was to assist the founder director with daily management of the center, translation and correspondence, care-taking and reintegration of many children in families.

Jean Claude is very  creative. He wrote and produced a movie entitled ‘LIZA’  and He is a published author of “I LEAVE YOU TODAY” book story. His 62-minute film tells the story of a young orphaned girl who survives the brutality of being sexually abused by her uncle who was under the influence of drugs. In October of 2015, Jean Claude released LIZA on YouTube  where every person can watch it for free. The same year the  film has received nominations in 2 Rwandan film festivals including being nominated for ‘A Thousand Hills Academy Awards’ and for ‘Rwanda Christian Film Festival’.

Jean Claude’s amazing works have helped him to receive significant awards and honors including being the Africa Youth Awards Winner 2016 for Leader of the Year, International Winner of the 2015 Global Dialogues Contest, Queen’s Young Leader Highly Commended Runner Up of the 2016 Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, and more.


Placide Murindangwe Ngwije, Love the Kids Foundation Executive Director

Placide Murindangwe

Placide Murindangwe works to shape and implement the strategic direction of Love the Kids Foundation. Prior to serving LKF, Placide was Co-founder and Managing Director of TRANSAC Ltd, a company established in 2012 to deal with linguistic and general arts services in Rwanda. Prior to founding TRANSAC Ltd, Placide served as a professional translator and interpreter. In September 2015, He assisted Questlane’s Team of multi-lingual people to translate LIZA, a screenplay which was written by Jean Claude Muhire, from Kinyarwanda to English. He previously worked as Key Populations Coordinator at Health Development Initiatives (HDI), a Rwandan non-governmental organization which strives to improve both the quality and accessibility of healthcare for all Rwandans through advocacy, education, and training. Prior to working at HDI Rwanda, Placide was in charge of coordinating different projects aimed at promoting the rights and health of marginalized people. He has attended a lot of trainings, seminars, open discussions and forums, as well as national consultations on promoting the health and rights of marginalized people.

He has sound experience in administration, project planning and management as well as strong communication and diplomacy skills. He has an intense passion for serving the community, especially those who are marginalized and in despair. He holds a bachelor degree in Arts, Media and Social Sciences from the National University of Rwanda.


Chantal Mukamana, Love the Kids Foundation Chief Operations & Logistics Officer

Chantal Mukamana

Chantal Mukamana promotes and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Love the Kids Foundation. Prior to serving LKF, Chantal was a modern farmer best known for her banana plantation which is planted in Huye District, Southern Province of Rwanda.

Previously, she served 4 years as a Customer Care Officer at Zain Group South Sudan, a mobile telecommunication company which provides service to millions of people in 8 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Chantal was instrumental in helping the company significantly increase its customer base. Chantal was inspired by a few people who spend their heartful times to work on behalf of the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable. She serves to support children of  Love the Kids Foundation.


Jean Claude Rukundo, Love the Kids Foundation Treasurer

Jean Claude Rukundo

Jean Claude Rukundo is Treasurer of the Love the Kids Foundation. Rukundo was born and raised in Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi. Both of his parents, originally born in Rwanda, were then living in exile in Burundi because of the country’s history in 1959. His chidhood was marked by the lack of a familiar support and , after losing his father at 6, Rukundo and his poor mother began to live a life of hardship. After completing a bachelor’s degree, He went through different trainings including financial literacy, entrepreneurship and IT essentials.

From November 2011 to September 2015, Rukundo served as a Child Protection Officer at the Project RW250 of Compassion International, a child-advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible and fulfilled adults. He was in charge of teaching and coaching children and young adults. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kigali Independent University.


Addis Rugira Kamanzi, Love the Kids Foundation Head Advisor

Addis Rugira Kamanzi

Addis plays an arbitration role between members and the different organs of LKF.  He describes himself as a “simple, lucky, and godforsaken man”.  His father was killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, and  little Addis was raised by his grandmother who provided him with a good education. This helped him to grow up physically, mentally and spiritually. Addis is a freelance performing artist of poetry and story at Spoken Word Rwanda.

As one of the former deserted children, He fights so hard for the betterment of disadvantaged and abandoned children. He believes that all children should not be deceived of their biological parents irrespective of their historical backgrounds. He currently studies at the University of Lay Adventists Nyanza Campus.


Patience Niyotwizera

Patience is a Rwandan young photographer by passion and He really likes to take photographs. This is what drives him. His journey into the world of Photography started in 2014 when He was a devoted volunteer Photographer at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center of Esperance, a registered organization working with young people to promote peace and culture among young generations as well as to engage children from different backgrounds to practice Football sport as a tool to improve their talents. He previously served as an Assistant Teacher at the Kigali Film and Television School where  He was working to share photography, videography, and editing skills to many related students. Currently, He is a devoted photographer volunteering at Love the Kids Foundation and He has chosen to use photography as a tool to raise awareness and become a voice for unheard children.