Hello everyone and welcome to the official website of Love the Kids Foundation! This is a place for you to connect with us, ask questions, and join us on our journey to support children in need. This website describes the works of Love the Kids Foundation. It gives information on stories of children who need a help and how they can be assisted. It also acknowledges the importance of various people and partner organizations and institutions working together with us to ensure changes happen.

My willingness to volunteering at the former Kimisagara Orphanage has had such incredible achievements. The profound experience of serving and living together with many needy children gave me the opportunity to learn firsthand at the impacts of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, the conditions of life suffered by orphans, street children and other vulnerable children and the need to examine the causes of poverty, marginalization, and social inequality. I can testify the works of some amazing people like Mr. Antoine Bizimana, who I have seen with my bare eyes when I was a devoted volunteer assisting him to care for many children in need. Truly I was inspired and this taught me to become a hard-working and dedicated young person. I have combined Volunteerism with Story-telling and Film-making. I volunteered a lot of time writing the story of LIZA which was later on turned into a powerful movie. LIZA tells a story of a young orphaned girl who lives a life of hardship only to endure rape. I decided not to sell my movie and I released it on YouTube where everyone can watch it for free. I have been reading every single comment about my film. Most of the comments are positive and others are very supportive. I have also received significant awards and honors as special recognition for my works including that movie.

Tough time for me was when a government law obliged all orphanages to close its doors and then send the children back to families in the community. After all children were reintegrated, I had nothing to do with the founder director. So, I left Kimisagara Orphanage and the following days I became the right person to share the news to some children’ sponsors and partners of the center. So many questions were asked by distinguished people and they became heated. Most of them were quite excited. But the idea behind the state’s initiative was created for the sake of children’s development through family care. All Rwandan children need to be raised in families and not in the orphanages. This helps them to receive care, education, and possible support helping them to become active citizens. Few months later, an idea to create a not-for profit organization came in my mind. That was in August 2015. I was willing to continue serving needy children. I wanted to contribute to the welfare of needy children in families regardless of whether they are adoptive or native. That was my dream. I called upon a small team of young people to assist me found a charity which can transform children’s lives and they were very committed. Later on, we founded Love the Kids Foundation and we pledged to support desperate and abandoned children. We followed the next step to undertake the legal and possible recognition and we have found  sponsorship and partnerships. I am very thankful for what we have achieved and how well we are currently supporting children in need.

I am sure that Love the Kids Foundation will continue to do great things for needy children and you will be able to find a better organization. Kindly enjoy reading the rest of our website content. I like you and I wish you all the best.

Thank you very much for your support!
Jean Claude Muhire, Team Leader