Love the Kids Foundation loves, cares for, and is passionate to helping many children in need. It supports desperate and abandoned children helping them to access and enjoy their rights including the right to health, the right to education, the right to socio-cultural and ecomomic development, etc. LKF helps needy children realize their potentials, so they can begin to dream and work towards a future that can achieve their vision.

Love the Kids Foundation believes that no child should be “desperate” or “abandoned”, and this is the reason why it strives for the well-being of all children chased either by their biological families or their foster families in our society. Many of these children live in poor family conditions and/or they have lost their parents and other family members for various reasons including: death, extreme poverty, physical or mental abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, mental illness, or an inability to cope with the pressures of adequately caring for and raising a child.

With help from partners and sponsors like you, Love the Kids Foundation can continue to improve the lives of many children who have no other means for meeting their basic needs. Faster, higher, stronger – please let’s have a great impact together!


Education for Sustainable Development

LKF works to provide quality education as a tool to achieve sustainability. This is being done to empower needy children with the aim of helping them to become educated with an emphasis to change the world; to build humanity; to become better persons; to reach their potentials; and to serve others in the future.

Medical & Emotional Support

LKF works to provide medical and emotional support for its children with the aim of striving for a healthy life. It works to strengthen partnership with different healthcare providers to provide both training and medical assistance. Additionally, LKF provides children’s parents and guardians with nutritious supports and educates them on hygiene and sanitation to prevent common diseases and illnesses and enhance well-being.

Advocacy and Entrepreneurship

LKF works collaboratively with children’s parents and guardians, related child protectors, and various supporters to advocate for positive social changes. This requires strong partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations to ensure a united and powerful communication message.