Love the Kids Foundation is a small organization which was founded on the willingness of young people who love and care for kids, and who feel passionate and determined about helping helpless children. Love the Kids Foundation Founder President was honoured by the Organizers of the 2016 Africa Youth Awards for his significant achievements and contribution to the Love the Kids Foundation’s works for needy children in Rwanda. This growing Non-Governmental Organization works, since 2015,  to support Rwandan children whose basic human needs are yet to be met. Love the Kids Foundation supports children in need coming from various backgrounds as well as their family relatives helping both of them to leave poor living conditions through improving their standards of living.


The mission of Love the Kids Foundation is to improve the well-being of desperate and abandoned children.


LKF envisions an educated, careful and healthy community in which parents and related child protectors assist in promoting education, care, and well-being of all children regardless of their socio-economic level. In so doing, LKF strives to ensure preventable diseases no longer threaten lives, there is an end to hunger with improved living conditions and education for all school-aged children.


Child – oriented







  1. To promote education for children in need,
  2. To assist needy children get medical and emotional support,
  3. To strengthen partnership with state organs having childcare in their attributions to help needy children find safe families to take care of them,
  4. To advocate for the rights of children in need by addressing all hypotheses which may result in “street children” status,
  5. To create projects helping needy children improves their lives.