We call on you now to learn more about our projects. Love the Kids Foundation projects are based on helping children enjoy their rights and investing in their lives by helping them grow to become self-sufficient and productive adult members of the community.

Rehabilitate and Support children in need

This project  serves limited children scattered at the streets of Kigali. The foundation’s team members visit many children who join the streets because of different factors and reasons. The team listens to their stories and testimonies, identifies their families, rehabilitates them, and pledges to provide support for them at their homes. Thereafter, Love the Kids Foundation  plans for regular meetings with those children and their parents and guardians for better livings.

Child Sponsorship Program

This program aims to sponsor or fund a LKF child. Sponsors or funders can support children for education and healthcare. This kind of sponsorship is done to providing school fees, school uniforms, and school materials, as well as medical assistance to a sponsored child.

Sports for Hope

 This is a long-term project dedicated to helping needy children practice their favorite sports as a tool to have hope for a brighter future. We believe that needy children can make sports they really like and they can be professional regardless of their backgrounds. We make this project to help a LKF child meet and play together with others, learn various sport skills, and possibly become a sport lover and practitioner.

Sing for Peace, Love, and Humanity

In this project, Love the Kids Foundation children do music as a powerful art form. They make regular practices of songs on Peace, Love, and Humanity. They learn music and they enjoy music skills. Beautiful songs are composed for Love the Kids Foundation children to tell stories which make changes.

Read to Learn and Lead

 The project’s aim is to give books to Love the Kids Foundation Children so that they may learn new things. We believe reading books can help our children to become productive leaders in the future. Hence, this project fights for illiteracy and indeed promotes the culture of literacy amongst Rwandan children in need.

My  Name and My Talent and My Dreams

 “My Name and My Talent and My Dreams” is a project dedicated to discovering and nurturing children’s talents. Our aim is to assist needy children improve their personal skills and be provided with technical skills. This helps our children to express themselves, talk about who they want to be when they grow up for us to promote their potentials as well as to assist them realize their dreams.

Informative Sessions on Children well-being and Family wellness

Love the Kids Foundation meet selected children and their parents or guardians for them to exchange many familiar problems and gain some skills on children and  family protection. The program also seeks to ensure children’s rights are well respected and promoted on behalf of their families and other individuals.